Becoming a member of the Texas Private Schools Association allows private schools in Texas to have a voice in the legislative process in Austin and in  Washington, D.C.  Many bills are introduced that have both intended and unintended consequences for private schools in Texas.  

Our goal is to represent the best interests of private schools in Texas. We are able to accomplish this by lobbying the Texas legislature, communicating regularly with school leaders, parents, and teachers, and raising awareness of important issues that impact private schools. Joining the TPSA connects your school with other private schools throughout the state and allows your voice to be heard in our efforts to protect your school’s independence. Email us today at Laura@TexasPrivate for more information.

Now Accepting Applications

If your accredited private school serves students in any grade, pre-K through grade 12 and is incorporated in Texas as a non-profit organization you can become a member with full benefits and access to all of our member services.

Benefits of Membership

  • Representation in Austin and in Washington, DC to pass important legislation and protect the interests of private schools
  • Weekly emails from Executive Director on legislative activity during session and other important topics of relevance to private schools.
  • Private school leader Zooms to discuss developments in the federal and state landscape for private schools.
  • Recognition on the Association website
  • Member discounts with certain corporate sponsors

Cost of Membership

Yearly membership dues of $1.35 per student ensure that private schools are represented and that legislators understand the effects on our private school community.

  • $1.50 per student annually
  • Minimum annual fee of $25
  • Maximum annual fee of $1,250