With more than 900 private schools in Texas, it’s important to have a knowledgeable and committed presence in the Texas legislature. During each session, our team focuses on protecting the independence of private schools by stopping onerous regulations and government interference into our schools. During non-legislative session years, we work to strengthen our relationships with legislators, business leaders, and community activists to ensure that the public understands the great benefits offered by private schools in Texas. 

Legislative Tracker

88th Legislative Session — 2023

Bill NumberDescriptionPositionCommentsOutcome
SB 2069Human Trafficking Signs ForRemoved requirement for private schools.Signed
SB 294Allergy MedicationForAdded private schools to entities able to stock unassigned medicationSigned. Effective May 24.
SB 629NarcanForAdded private schools to entities able to stock this lifesaving medicationSent to Governor
SB 1471TEA Background ChecksForPrivate schools may have access to Department of Public Safety background checksSent to Governor
SP 1849Multi-Agency DatabaseForCombined "Do Not Hire" lists of multiple agenciesSent to Governor
HB 4372Private School Police ForceForPrivate schools with enrollment of 1500 or more may employ own police forceSent to Governor
HB 456Private School Mineral RightsForPrivate schools do not have to pay taxes on royalties from mineral rightsSent to Governor
HB 1905Private Schools Safety TrainingForPrivate schools may participate in local public-school safety trainingsSent to Governor
HB 59Lifejacket BillForSome requirements for lifejackets when taking students to a swimming activitySent to Governor (With our amendments)

School Choice Bills — To Be Determined in Special Session

87th Legislative Session — 2021

Bill NumberAuthorDescriptionPositionCommentsOutcome
SB 239PowellProvides educational materials in a disasterForAdded private schools to this bill to receive information in a disasterPassed
HB 246MurrProsecution of the criminal offense of improper relationships with childrenNeutralEngaged on amendment to make sure that schools can publish the name of arrested in order to conduct internal investigationsPassed
HB 351TalaricoAir filtration efficiency standardsAgainstTestified opposed - meeting these standards is too costly for private schoolsDied
HB 640RaymondPrivate school searches of studentsAgainstOpposed - private schools should be able to expel students for what is found in a lockerDied
HB 168GonzalezRegulation child-care facilities, children with disablitiesNeutralEngaged with bill author to allow private schools to maintain admissions policies and procedures.Died
HB 1014BucyInclusion of suicide information on student IDsNeutralEngaged with bill author to remove private schools from the bill.Died
HB 1073HernandezPlacement and use of video equipmentAgainstOpposed - private schools should not be required to place video cameras in classrooms.Died
SB 1297/HB 1676Zaffirini/GoodwinChild water safety requirementsNeutralEngaged with bill author to narrow the scope of the bill and amended it on the House floorDied
SB 534/HB 1788Hughes/HefnerImmunity from liability for private school security personnelForDied
HB 1927SchaeferCarrying a firearm by a person 21 years of ageNeutralClarified with bill author and on House floor that this would NOT affect private school firearm policies as they standPassed
HB 2038TalaricoLead drinking water at schools, child careAgainstOpposed - private schools should not be regulated by TCEQ for water qualityDied
SB 785/HB 2214Creighton/HefnerExpiration school marshal license issuedForClarifies and simplifies the date of expiration for school marshal licensePassed
HB 3192MezaProhibition of glyphosate herbicides for schoolsNeutralDied
SB 6/HB 3659Hancock/LeachLiability claims arising during pandemicForImmunity from liability for COVID-19 claimsPassed
SB 1968/HB 4537Bettencourt/MiddletonEstablishment of the Family Educational Relief FundForSchool choice billDied
SB 225PaxtonRegulation child-care facilities, family homesNeutralEngaged with bill author to narrow the scope of the bill to family homes that move locationsPassed
SB 741BirdwellCarrying storage handgun by a school marshalNeutralThis would allow school marshals to carry the weapon rather than have it locked awayPassed
SB 1669HallProhibited discrimination regarding vaccinesAgainstWould prevent schools from requiring any vaccine for enrollment or attendanceDied
SB 1356HughesProgram to facilitate school tutoringForWould create a tutoring registry accessible to private schoolsPassed

86th Legislative Session — 2019

Student Safety Bills Filed and Supported by TPSA

BillDescriptionTPSA Position - Outcome
SB 1256 Bettencourt/HB 2738 MeyerEstablishes a “Do Not Hire” list of all school personnel, not just certified teachers, and allows access to this important information for all types of schools, including private schoolsFor - Passed
SB 1230 Bettencourt/HB 2739 MeyerThis broadens misconduct reporting requirements to include private school administrators. Private school administrators will be required to report to the Texas Education Agency any employee who resigns or is fired for inappropriate relations with students. Civil and criminal immunity is provided for administrators for this mandated reporting. Those found guilty will be reported on the “Do Not Hire” list to ensure that they are not hired in any other school.For - Passed
SB 1231 Bettencourt/HB 2740 MeyerThis ensures that reports of investigations of misconduct by employees and volunteers are reported directly from the Department of Family and Protective Services to private school administrators. Currently only public school administrators receive these final reports.For - Passed
HB 4345 SanfordThis bill provides immunity from liability for anyone in good faith disclosing allegations of sexual misconduct.For - Passed

School Choice Bills

BillDescriptionTPSA Position
SB 1905 CampbellThis program allows students with special needs or those in low-income households to receive a grant to attend a private school.For
SB 1905 CampbellEstablishes a tax credit scholarship program for children with special needs or those in low-income households.For

Other Bills

Bill Description​TPSA Position - Outcome
​HB 459/SB 706 Cameras in Day Care Centers​Requires that all licensed day care centers (including private schools with a licensed preschool) have cameras in all classrooms.AGAINST - DEAD
HB 3192 Expulsion PolicyChild care centers should consider adopting a policy for expulsion.NEUTRAL - DEAD
HB 58 Private School Locker SearchesStipulates that private schools may not expel a student for what is found in a search of that student’s locker.AGAINST - DEAD
HB 257 Law Enforcement Notification of Armed PersonnelPrivate schools must notify local law enforcement of armed personnel on campus.AGAINST in current form - DEAD
SB 193 Fees for Licenses for School MarshalsWaives fees for duplicate, modified, or renewed licenses to carry a handgun for school marshals.​​FOR - DEAD
HB 324 Sexual ContactCreates a definition for sexual contact in student/teacher relationships.​​FOR - DEAD
SB 244/HB 1106/HB 1387 School Marshals​Changes the maximum number of school marshals on campus.​FOR - PASSED
SB 243/SB 406/HB 1108 Storage of Handguns for School MarshalsEliminates the requirement that school marshals who are teachers must keep handguns locked away on campusFOR - DEAD
HB 552 Voter Registration FormsPublic and private high schools must have voter registration materials available at all times for students and staff.NEUTRAL - DEAD
SB 36/HB 189/SB 287 Public PreKExpands access to public pre-k and extends the length of the program day.UNDER EVALUATION - SOME ELEMENTS IN HB3
SB 2487 Paid Sick LeaveProhibits regulation of employment benefits and practices by a municipality or county (paid sick leave)FOR - DEAD
HB 1690 ConcussionsDictates private school concussion protocol.AGAINST in current form - DEAD
HB 1825/SB 2135 Notifying Schools of Student ArrestThis bill expands the information local law enforcement is required to provide to public schools and includes information related to threats against the school.  Do private schools need to be included?FOR - PASSED
HB 539/SB 249 Automatic Admission Valedictorians The valedictorian of a class of any size would receive automatic admission to the university system and same eligibility for scholarships NEUTRAL - PASSED
HB 1561 Waiver for State Park FeesAll 5th grade public and private school students get free entry into state parks.FOR - PASSED AS AMENDMENT ON DIFFERENT BILL
HB 2786 Employee Turnover ReportingRequires licensed child care facilities to report the number of employees who left the previous year when renewing the yearly license.NEUTRAL - PASSED AS AMENDMENT ON DIFFERENT BILL
HB 2998 Water QualityRequires the regulation of water quality in all schools, including private schoolsAGAINST in current form - DEAD
HB 2999 Air QualitySets air quality standards and requires monitoring of private school air quality by the state.AGAINST in current form - DEAD
HJR 105 VouchersConstitutional amendment prohibiting vouchersAGAINST - DEAD
SB 811/HB 3946 School MarshalsProvides immunity from liability for school marshals who act responsibly.FOR - DEAD
HB 1959 Guns in Parking LotsRemoves ability of private schools to prohibit guns in their parking lots.AGAINST - DEAD
HB 2243/SB 1665 Asthma MedicationPrivate schools may stock asthma medication in the same way they stock unassigned epinephrine auto-injectorsNEUTRAL - PASSED
HB 1427 Voter RegistrationTEA provides voter registration materials once each semester to all schools, public and private.NEUTRAL - DEAD
HB 2883/HB 4450/SB 1817/SB 1743 Child Care Centers and Children with Special NeedsChild care centers can't discriminate based on disability.UNDER EVALUATION - DEAD
SB 477Standardizes renewal dates for school marshal licensesFOR - DEAD