'Twas the Holiday After the 4th Special Session

A #txlege Poem by The Texas Private Schools Association

In the heart of Texas, ‘neath the Capitol’s embrace,
Where lawmakers gather, crafting laws with grace.
‘Twas the season of giving, the holidays drawing near,
The fate of parental choice, as yet unclear.

In the Senate, a spark, a school choice bill took flight,
Shining bright with promise, like a star in the night.
They championed options, for families to see,
A chance for education choices, as festive as can be.

But in the House, reservations loomed large,
A reluctance to pass, like shadows on a barge.
The debate raged on, like a winter’s storm,
Leaving the fate of school choice in Texas in a precarious form.

Whether you agree with us on this topic or not,
We appreciate your service quite a lot!
We hope you have restful days ahead
And don’t have to return to the Capitol with dread.

Happy Holidays

from your friends at TPSA!